Vehicle Paint Experts in Edmonton

Vehicle Paint Service in Edmonton

Our vehicle paint specialists provide Edmonton’s finest automobile paint and clear coat care. Our high-tech equipment and expert technicians ensure that your vehicle paint is expertly applied and perfectly matched. If you need small cosmetic work or an entire body paint job, Tristar & Premier Collision can take care of your vehicle and restore it to its best condition.

Our paint technicians are incredibly skilled at ensuring that your car looks the way it wants.  At Tristar & Premier Collision, we have a wide range of primary colours and toners to make the colour you want and give your car a second life.  A new paint job makes your vehicle look great; it can also help protect it from the elements and last a long time.  We stand by our work and offer a lifetime guarantee as long as you own your vehicle.  Not only can we give your car a new colour, but our professional paint technicians can also perfectly match your vehicle’s existing colour.

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    car paint

    Process for Painting a Vehicle in Edmonton

    If you’ve recently had to replace a door, bumper or panel due to an accident, our Edmonton auto paint shops can perfectly match the existing colour of your vehicle.  Every vehicle has a paint code on the door in the trunk, and this paint code gives us a formula that tells our technicians how much of each primary colour and toners to mix.  Once we match the colour with your car, our technicians can buff and fade the new paint to match the original colour’s fading due to time.  This process of colour matching is excellent for fixing minor cosmetic issues. We also know that living in Alberta, with its extreme weather conditions, can do a number on the look of your vehicle. Salt in the winter can cause rust along the wheel-well and leave minor dents from the rocks your tires kick up.  The sun can also cause your car’s paint to crack and fade.

    FAQ About Vehicle Painting in Edmonton

    Q: How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Car?

    A: It’s fair to say that no two car paint jobs are alike, so with this, the costs associated with painting a vehicle will vary. While simple paint jobs can be priced as low as $300, complicated car painting can cost upwards of $3,000.

    Overall costs will also be dependent on the quality of supplies used in the car painting and the level of care put into a car paint job. An example would be a vehicle painted to “showroom quality.” This term refers to vehicles that have been painted as many as 24 times over a month-long process.

    Q: Do New Vehicles Need Paint Protection?

    A: Vehicle paint protection is an optional service most car dealerships offer at purchase. The service does not provide any mechanical advantages to your vehicle, and you can not even see it with the naked eye.

    Typically, paint protection for vehicles comes in spray-on chemicals intended to protect vehicles from natural substances they may encounter outdoors. For paint protection to be fully effective, it needs to be applied more than once, and we do not recommend spraying your car with paint protection yourself, as it is not safe.

    Considering this all, if you would like to do everything to protect the integrity of your car for years to come, then yes, paint protection is undoubtedly a wise idea for new vehicles.

    Q: How Can I Match My Car’s Paint Colour?

    A: Just as it can be challenging to match the colour of a wall in a room of your home, matching the paint colour of a car is no easy task. Some tactics can make it easier, such as searching for your car’s exact colour by its make, model, and year. It is also possible to search for your car’s paint colour by using its colour code if you can access this information.

    Q: What Does The Paint Correction Cost?

    A: The cost of vehicle paint correction varies case by case. With each car being evaluated and treated individually, the paint correction cost will depend on the severity of the damage and the degree of labour needed to complete the vehicle paint repair correctly.

    Q: How Long Does Paint Correction and Vehicle Scratch Repair Take?

    A: The amount of time paint correction and vehicle scratch repair sessions take is dependent on several factors:

    • Age of the car
    • Depth of damage
    • The curve of the panels

    These criteria will all affect how much labour and time is required. It is typical for most car paint corrections to take between 6 to 12 hours. However, there have been cases where our team has spent more than 30 hours on one vehicle.

    Q: Is a Paint Correction Worth It?

    A: Vehicle paint correction is worth it! If you’re looking to restore the look of your vehicle without a complete repaint, paint correction is the best solution. With vehicle paint scratch repair, you can remove surface damage less intrusively and more cost-effectively. It is crucial to ensure that experienced and trained auto body professionals complete your paint correction.


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