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Frame & Structure Alignment Service in Edmonton

If your vehicle is in a significant collision, the vehicle’s frame may likely be damaged. Our shops are capable of repairing both minor and significant frame damage. At Tristar & Premier Collision, we used the latest laser-controlled frame and Structure alignment. The Chief Genesis II is the heart of Tristar & Premier Collision’s Frame and Structural alignment solution. We can accommodate most vehicles up to one-ton trucks in size. A computerized database of frame specifications ensures that we will repair your vehicle back to factory specifications.

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    There are two different types of frames, full-frame and unitized frame. Full-frame consists of steel frame rails joined with cross-members that run the length of the vehicle. We then bolt the vehicle’s body and suspension to this frame. Unitized frames consist of the frame and the vehicle’s body being built together as one unit. The vehicle’s suspension systems then bolt to this unitized frame. Most current-day trucks and large SUVs use the full-frame system, while most current-day passenger cars and small SUVs use the unitized frame system. Some telltale signs that your frame may be damaged:

    • Poor fender and door gaps.
    • The pickup box fit to the cab is out (on trucks).
    • The rear wheels are not tracking correctly to the front wheels (dog tracking).
    • The vehicle does not sit level.
    • The difference in wheelbase.
    • Wheel setback in wheel well from one side to the other.

    Again, our qualified staff in Edmonton are individually trained on this equipment to ensure that your frame is reconstructed and aligned to a tolerance of less than 1 millimetre. This attention to detail and accuracy exceeds the industry standard and surpasses the manufacturer’s specifications.


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