How To Find a Reputable Auto Service Near Me

The search for a reputable autobody repair shop has never been more critical. But how do you find an honest garage that charges a fair price? Avoid the risk of unreasonable repair costs and unnecessary repairs. This article will help you find a reputable auto service near you. 

Shaking Hands

Research Local Garages

When finding an excellent local autobody repair service near you, start with local garages. If your car is damaged, you’ll be glad you don’t have to take it far, especially if it needs to stay overnight. You should ask your friends and family if they have used the service before and read online reviews to see how other people have found their services. 

When looking at local reviews, search for phrases like ‘reasonable prices,’ ‘honest,’ and whether they only charge for the work they need to do. These are all the hallmarks of a reputable autobody service. 

Get Educated on Basic Car Talk

Car scams rely on the fact that the person with the car doesn’t know what repairs need to be done. If you are a car owner, try to get to grips with basic vehicle anatomy. You can start with sites like How Stuff Works or even find child or teenage books on cars for a more straightforward way to learn the basics. 

You don’t need to become a mechanical master. The main aim of doing this research is so that when you visit the garage, you have a basic grasp of car parts and might be able to spot when someone isn’t being honest. A reputable autobody service will happily talk you through the repairs required to your vehicle if you aren’t sure.

Compare Quotes And Pricing

Before you visit an autobody service, get a rough figure for how much car repairs usually cost. If you have a vague idea of whether it’s a small or large repair, you should be able to get an estimate. Some garages or networks in Canada allow you to book online, which can help you fix a price ahead of time. Try to shop locally beforehand, if possible, to ensure you’re not locked into a high price with a specific mechanic.

Get Your Car Serviced On Time

Attending and scheduling an annual car service is the best way to stay on top of car repairs. If you neglect your regular service, there is a chance that problems may go undetected and build up over time. Brand new cars will likely not need repairs for a long time, but keep an eye on any warning lights that indicate when you need an oil change, suspension check, or if your tire pressure is low.

Pay Attention At The Garage

When you’re at the autobody shop, ensure you receive an itemized quote with all the necessary parts, taxes, and labour. When you come to collect your car, they should be able to offer you a similar bill and explain any additional cost that differs from the original quote.

If you’re not convinced by the additional money requested, ask the mechanic to show you the work done. They should be happy to explain and indicate where repairs were required and the associated costs.

Finally, ensure that any parts required outside your usual model will not affect the car’s warranty before you leave your vehicle. 

There Should Be Paperwork

A reputable mechanic should be able to provide you with a contract and service plan outlining the work required when you drop off your car. Ensure that when you leave your vehicle with a mechanic, you have a copy of the agreement and the costs outlined before you leave the garage. You should also be informed of accepted payment methods from the mechanic ahead of time. Be extremely cautious about any services that only accept cash payments.

Vehicle Body Repair

Tristar Collision: Reputable Autobody Service 

Tristar Collision is an honest, reputable autobody repair service in Edmonton. We offer fair, competitive, and reasonable prices on a vast range of repairs to your vehicle. We’ll always give you an itemized bill, talk you through any repairs required, and show you the work we have done. Our business has grown through recommendations alone, with a Tristar Team with decades of auto repair experience.

Contact us today for expert and honest advice on how we will repair your vehicle. 


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