Scratch & Dent Repair in Edmonton

Professional Scratch & Dent Repair Services in Edmonton

No matter how major or minor, scratches, dents, and scrapes devalue your vehicle and reduce its curb appeal. At Tristar & Premier Collision, we know how important it is to have your car back to its best condition. Whether a runaway shopping cart found your door or a hailstorm used your hood for target practice, our body shop takes care of those blemishes, no matter how big or small. Our National Lifetime Warranty covers all of the work completed on your vehicle. Some auto body shops limit the amount of repair warranty coverage they offer. At Tristar & Premier Collision, we stand behind our quality and workmanship, and we offer this warranty on all repairs performed – for as long as you own your vehicle.

    What is the best approach for dent repair?

    In our experience, we have found that the best way to repair a dent is from the inside out.  Our technicians will remove any necessary body panels, head or taillights and wheel wells to get to the underside of the dent.  Our technicians have a 360-degree view of the damage to properly assess and determine the right tools needed and tool placement.  This step is crucial as incorrect tool placement can often cause further damage to your vehicle. With over 35 years of experience, our technicians have a keen eye for determining the extent of the damage caused by a dent.  At Tristar & Premier Collision, we want your vehicle to look as good as new and leave our shop without any imperfections.

    Paintless Dent Repair

    Paintless Dent Repair

    Our paintless dent repair techniques can remove minor dents from your vehicle without completing an entire paint job when dealing with more minor dent issues. Paintless dent repair is often a less expensive alternative to traditional auto body and collision repairs. You can also take advantage of our industry-recognized repair process to increase the value of your vehicle for resale. Your vehicle may qualify for a paintless dent repair. Get a free estimate by bringing your vehicle to Tristar or PremierCollision, or Schedule an Appointment today!

    What’s the story about dents?

    Most people wouldn’t even be aware of this, but dents are not just low spots but also high spots.  The metal of a car is similar to water; if you drop something into it, it will create waves.  These “waves” are the high spots found surrounding the dent.  We refer to indirect damage or the “crown” of the dent.  If you wish for your vehicle to look new again, it is essential to notice and repair this indirect damage.  We train our technicians in the art of dent repair, and by pushing up in the right places and pushing down in others, they can mould your car back to its original shape.

    Even dealing with severe damage is no match for our technicians.  They can extract, work and shape major dents back to their original form.  Our goal is to achieve a surface that is smooth and matches perfectly.  In most cases, significant dents will affect the paint of your vehicle.  These dents can leave scratches and chips, and after the repair work, the colour will need to be touched up.  Even with minor damage, such as a small dent on your fender, it is best to approach using the traditional methods.  When you sand the affected area, even after fixing most of the damage, you can see any low spots. We ensure that your vehicle is leaving our garage in perfect condition.  We offer top-of-the-line colour matching technology to perfectly match the new paint with your car’s existing colour.

    Scratch repair

    Vehicle Scratch Repair in Edmonton

    We can all agree that scratches, chips, and other auto body imperfections are nearly impossible to avoid. However, with professional paint correction and scratch repair, any damage to your car’s paint job will be virtually invisible. You may ask, what is paint correction, and how will it optimize your car’s topcoat? Vehicle paint correction removes minor surface damage found in the vehicle’s clear coat. Through a process of levelling out surface imperfections, vehicle paint correction can fix the following issues:

    • Water spots
    • Scratches
    • Paint overspray
    • Oxidation
    • Swirl marks
    • Damage from bird droppings
    • Bug splatters
    • More

    As such, this scratch repair method is growing in popularity. It’s an effective alternative to a full repaint to treat reasonable amounts of auto body damage.

    The process can be very time-consuming and can take between 6 to 12 hours per vehicle when done right. We tailor the approach to each vehicle. Paint correction involves many methods and tools to be effective. From specialty polishing machines to various levels of diminishing abrasives, compounding pads, and even sandpaper in some cases, paint correction must be left to the experts. The trick to achieving a perfect car paint repair is working with the natural curves of the panels, as each shape requires a customized paint correction process. We adjust the vehicle paint repair to treat the depth of the imperfections. Your car will leave our shop looking new and free of surface damage with our customized paint correction process.


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